We have not yet reached the middle of the year and the list of the most influential people in the “gay world” of this 2017 already hints at who will be some of the top 10 members. Outstanding in different areas with contributions to culture, entertainment, social struggle, among others; the homosexual community always has its favorites, and since it is customary, there is always talk of prospects.

Let’s take a look at the profiles we consider will lead that list of personalities who will be honored by belonging to the influential group.

Barry Jenkins

The American director of the Oscar-winning film, Moonlight; is one of the top of the list. He has gained the respect of an entire LGBTTTI community by bringing to thebig screen the dramatic story acclaimed by the difficulties with which the character of the film tries to face his homosexuality.


The model, actor, songwriter, American drag queen, and winner of an Emmy in 2016 is at the top of success with its production RuPaul’s Drag Race, that for eight years has been focusing on the search of the next super star drag queen. It is recognized by the homosexual community as one of the pioneers in this entertainment format. He has a duet with Elton John, has published two books and is one of the great promoters of gender equality. His work has been applauded internationally.

Oriol Pamies

He is a Spanish entrepenour, LGBTTTI rights activist, vice president of Business Development, and is very handsome! He is the creator of the Moovz app, a channel where you will find support with people that have a very similar mentality to yours. Its main purpose is to unite the community, and that it is not affected by prejudices or malicious comments.

Surely in the following months there will be more influencers joining our list. Everyone will be welcome in the community as long as their intention is always to improve living conditions and enfore LGBTTTI rights with respect and tolerance.

Photo: moovz