What to Pack for A Gaycation In Puerto Vallarta


Will your next gaycation be in PV? Have you packed yet? Packing can be the hardest part – what to wear, what not to wear, will the luggage be overweight? Don’t worry, here is the best list of things to pack that you’ll need for a gaycation in Puerto Vallarta – one of the best beach destinations in Mexico for the LGBT community set on the best gay beach: Los Muertos Beach. 


Simple Outfits

Don’t forget that PV is a beach destination – you’ll want all the comfortable, light, dry-wicking clothes you can bring. 

Make sure to bring at least 2 swim suites and be prepared to spend copious amounts of time on Los Muertos beach where all the gay guys gather to sunbathe, take a dip in the ocean, meet other handsome/muscular/attractive gays. 

Choose your best beach outfits – you may just meet the love of your life on Los Muertos beach in Puerto Vallarta. 


Take Care of your Beautiful Skin

The sun in PV can be very different than other areas of the world. You’ll want to take very good care of your skin while you’re here so you can really enjoy your gaycation. Don’t forget the sunscreen, moisturizers and a great after sun product that you can use after sunbathing. 

This will help your body recover and avoid premature aging – because who doesn’t want to look young forever?


Walk Around Comfortably

Puerto Vallarta is a safe beach destination for the LGBT community and everyone who chooses PV for their gaycation! But nobody likes to travel with their pockets full, so bring a small backpack with you to keep what you need when you leave your hotel to explore the picturesque streets of the port. 

You know the necessities, cell phone, room key, money and ID will all be better in a lightweight bag.


Have Fun!

A great attitude is the most important thing to bring with you to Puerto Vallarta (or any destination, really).  The best positive vibes will always send you in the best direction for a fun and unforgettable gaycation. 

No matter if you come alone, with friends or with your partner, the fun lasts all day long and into the night (and sometimes right into the next day). 

Discover the vibrant night life in Vallarta by visiting the best gay bars for the LGBT community in the Romantic Zone – the heart of the gay area – and here you’ll also find Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience to enjoy your BEST vacation in PV. 


Photo: Caribean360