What should not be missing in a gay wedding?

Deciding to join in marriage is not an easy task. Much less within the LGBT community where it has become a stigmatized subject but is a right for which it has been fought for many years and won recently in Mexico. If you made the decision of getting married, or know someone who will do it and you are invited, take note that these are the things that every gay couple want for their wedding.


In all rituals of love union should exist alliances or rings that at a certain moment of the celebration become one of the main and most expected points by all attendees. Placing them in their respective fingers, while the bride and groom give the vows, is a moment that becomes unforgettable. They are the objects that can’t be missed in a wedding, and the couple must choose them according to their taste, style and possibilities.


Over time, food is forgotten, music and drinks too, but there is something that will always remain in the memory of the couple and guests: the photographs. It seems simple, but it is something that helps us all to live once again those funny moments and stories of the wedding. Don’t forget to choose the best photographer to capture those precious moments. If you see the photographer approaching, don’t stop smiling!


Always, in every gay wedding, the cake is an icon of the celebration. Besides being an important part of the decoration, who doesn’t like to enjoy it? There are bakeries that offer their services and specialized products. Before ordering, ask them if they have experience in gay weddings, remember that they are not as common as it seems, but it is not impossible either. You can give them an idea of ​​how you would like it to be, and include part of your personality.

The perfect setting

There are those who choose large and elegant rooms to celebrate that special moment. Some people prefer to do it on the beach and for us, it is one of the best decisions. In Puerto Vallarta we have the perfect duo. While you, your partner and guests are staying at Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience and enjoy its luxury and amenities, the wedding and reception can be held at Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Grill that has the chef, music, mixology and decoration you are looking for. We have the perfect scenario that will give you memories you will never forget!

The organization is the most difficult part of any event and this is a date in which the couple wants to enjoy without any worries. If you call us, we will gladly assist you. We are experts in LGBT weddings!

Photo: cdn.newsapi.com.au