Walking around Cuale River island

In Puerto Vallarta there are many activities to enjoy, by day or by night, there will always be an exciting place that will leave a great memory of your vacation. Today we recommend you to visit the Cuale River island.

Just where downtown ends and Old Vallarta begins, better known as Romantic Zone or Gay Zone, the Cuale River is located; on its riverbed there is an island that you can visit. It is populated by vegetation of the region and is the perfect place to go for a walk, exercise or enjoy a romantic and quiet moment with your mate.

When walking around this place, you will find the Cuale Archaeological Museum. It is a small and unique space, a gem of the region, it’s a 2-minute tour as it has only two exhibition rooms.

Straight ahead you can find art everywhere; the colorful paintings on the walls will be the perfect frame for a great picture. Besides, you can admire and even buy the Mexican craft work displayed by huichol artisans and sellers from Puerto Vallarta. While walking you must pay close attention, if you run with luck you can see face to face with the fauna of the place. Friendly iguanas resting on tree branches, squirrels running from place to place in search of food, small insects and other animals will welcome you to their habitat. At the end of the tour, you will find a small esplanade, right in a space called the Cat Island.

A statue of John Huston, director of the film Night of the Iguana; which was guilty of projecting Puerto Vallarta internationally will be the ideal space to take another photograph. Just right there, there are some small buildings of simple and classic architecture that are part of the Vallartense Institute of Culture. The view of this place is composed as well by a huge and colorful stairway that connects the island with the famous Gringo Gulch area.

When you finish the tour, stay around and try one of the many restaurants found there which offer seafood based cuisine and regional products.

You can get to the Cuale River island by taxi or walking from Almar Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience, it will take you only 15 minutes to find it and your visit will be unforgettable. You will want to collect every memory!

Photo: Mexicodestinos.com