Visit the Art in Puerto Vallarta

Escape the routine in Puerto Vallarta and enjoy a stroll along its characteristic “El Malecon” boardwalk. There, you can not only spend a moment of relaxation and exploration, but you can also enjoy outdoor art and take some beautiful photos beside the famous sculptures that are installed permanently all along this gorgeous stretch of coastline.

For many, these pieces of art are points of reference because they are located along the length of the boardwalk at strategic points. Each sculpture is from a different artist and they receive international notoriety as they are photographed 365 days a year. These art sculptures are known and loved by both locals and tourists alike and they make the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot.

The Artists

Bronze, stone, iron, sand, rock and more together create this fabulous outdoor exhibition with more pieces on public roads. Its creators are several, in your journey along the Malecon, you can find the unique figures of Sergio Bustamante alongside the famous mermaid, Nereida, and the triton Neptune, a work from C. Espino. The Fountain of Friendship or better known as the three dolphins, is an emblematic creation of James (Bud) Bottoms. There is one statue that has, for years has been the main icon of Puerto Vallarta, it is El Caballito, or the little sea horse, by Rafael Zamarripa. You’ll definitely want to get a photo by El Caballito on your next visit. 

One of the most striking pieces is called In Search of Reason. It’s easy to identify, as it’s made up of the interesting, triangular-headed figures wearing small tunics that are climbing up a ladder – a ladder that you can even climb up on and reach for the stars along with the figurines.

Further on is another sculpture from the interesting world of Sergio Bustamante: Rotonda del Mar. This art piece consists of 16 sculptures with similar characteristics to the beings that inhabit the depths of the ocean fused with legs and arms that seem to be human.

Ramiz Barquet also has his contribution in the boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta with a work called: Nostalgia. Nostalgia features two lovers sitting and made of bronze.

The Millennia is the tallest sculpture and with which the journey began. Made by Mathis Lídice, it was placed in the year 2001. It’s recognizable by its spiral that rises to the sky.

To enjoy all of the art along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, it’s not necessary to visit a gallery when the boardwalk offers all of these beautiful pieces outdoors with the backdrop of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. 

On your next vacation to Puerto Vallarta, you must visit this art walk and take the best memory of the friendliest city in the world. There are many more sculptures that we haven’t listed here, but you'll have to discover them as you walk along the Malecon and let the art surprise you.

Photo: Catelojo