To encourage tolerance in children towards people, families, and any different likes, we have three book recommendations that through short stories will make the reader think about values such as respect, love, the importance of following dreams, and how to be happy.

Oliver Button is a girl

Oliver does not like to do things that a boy is supposed to like. He feels passion for dancing, so he will have to fight against his own family and social prejudices to be able to do what he really is passionate about and achieve acceptance and respect from everyone.

Its original title is Oliver Button is a Sissy. And since its publication in 1979, it has been controversial. The author is Tomie dePaola.

King and King

Written by Linda de Haan, it is not a classic Disney princess’s story, it is a story about a prince whose mother wants to marry at all costs, but for it she needs a princess. The search begins with a parade of women from different kingdoms in front of the prince to show their talents and skills but none can impress him. The search ends when he meets Prince Charming, of whom he falls madly in love.

It is the ideal book to talk to little ones about love between same-sex couples. Illustrated by Stern Nijland, it is a colorful and fun story./p>

Paula has two moms

Families are not always made of mom, dad and children. Precisely that is the theme of this book. Paula has a preference for number two; has two pets, two legs, two arms, two eyes, two moms: Mama Julia and Mama Catalina. Her life is completely normal until she enters school, where she learns that there are other types of families.

Written by Leslea Newman and illustrated by Mabel Piérola, it is an ideal book for all those little ones who at some point in their life come to feel different. In this story, love is what really matters.

Any of these stories sound familiar?

Our three recommendations can be found in digital libraries or in print. We hope you read them with your little ones, nephews or friends. You will realize that age does not matter, everyone will enjoy it equally.

Photo: Canal Lector