The Mexican LGBT fight in History

September 08, 2017

The fight for the rights of the LGBT community in México has been successful although much remains to be done. The achievements obtained are the sum of the efforts of many people and above all, it is the time which has changed us Mexicans way of thinking and became more tolerant towards what we were misinformed. And precisely time and struggle is we want to remember, so we have a list of the most important and meaningful dates of the LGBT movement in Mexico.

1971 - The Homosexual Liberation Movement was born. It was the first group formed by homosexuals in Mexico that due to the repression had to operate in a hidden way.

1978 - Three homosexual organizations were formed. The Homosexual Front for Revolutionary Action, the Lambda Group for Homosexual Liberation and the Oikabeth. All three had different visions but one purpose: to fight for their rights.

July 26th, 1978 - The Homosexual Front for Revolutionary Action “came out” when manifesting for the first time in public in the march of commemoration of the Cuban Revolution.

July, 1979 - For the first time, the "Gay Pride March" is held in Mexico. The different groups were united in one to parade. The intention was to do it by Paseo de la Reforma, the authorities refused and it was done by Río Lerma. The following year (1980), it was able to march for the first time in Paseo de la Reforma.

1982 - For the first time a political party posited an openly gay citizen for a political office. Rosario Ibarra become a candidate for a federal deputation by the Revolutionary Party of the Workers.

1983 - The misinformation about HIV - AIDS unleashed panic throughout the country. The homosexuals were blamed for the onset of the virus. “AIDS is the punishment sent by God for those who ignore his laws. The homosexualism is one of the greatest vices condemned by the church” said the Papal nuncio in Mexico.

1997 - An openly lesbian deputy was elected for the first time: Patria Jiménez made it to the Chamber of Deputies.

1998 - The Federal Government agreed to provide state servers with antiretrovirals. Then extend it to the general public.

1998 - The first Forum on Sexual Diversity was held. The most important members of the lesbian - gay movement in Mexico were invited to debate policies.

1999 - The march of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride took the place of the traditional Gay Pride March. This new identity strengthened the movement.

2003 - The National Law Against Discrimination prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation was adopted.

2010 - Mexico City, formerly the Federal District; was the first entity to approve same-sex marriage.

As you can see, the fight for the rights of the entire community didn’t start a couple of years ago. History has made us gradually joint the cause. To assert human rights, seek equity and show that is not a minority who asks for respect and tolerance and that it is not an easy task, but we can all contribute a bit to build a healthier and free of prejudices coexistence.