The House of Flowers is a success!


You know that we love recommending Netflix series and movies to you that we’ve enjoyed and this week is no exception. We have a recommendation for you that we know you’ll love and that’s been a huge success in Mexico. Social Media has been flooded with comments from all of the LGBT community alluding to this exciting new Mexican production: La Casa de las Flores.

A couple of months ago La Casa de las Flores premiered at Netflix, a comedy with a touch of drama. Its creator, Manolo Caro, features the performances of the world-renowned Mexican actress Verónica Castro, Cecilia Suárez, Aislinn Derbez and Darío Yazbek, to mention a few.

La Casa de las Flores portrays the life of the De La Mora family, a "happy" family that dedicates its life to the floral business. Everything is seemingly in union and full of happiness, but behind it all there are hidden mysteries that are gradually discovered during the plot development.

Why we know you'll love it?

There are many themes in La Casa de las Flores that will catch your attention, because the plot includes bisexuality, transsexuality, drug issues, infidelities and other intriguing plot twists that you’ll have to discover for yourself.

Yes, there are also sex scenes between guys that, by the way, are steamy! And it’s precisely this point among many more that the LGBT community has raved about this new Netflix series.

La Casa de Las Flores is one of the Netflix series that you can’t miss. It’ll hook you from the very first chapter. What's more, you'll want to binge watch this one in a single weekend so you can tell your friends how much you loved it.

The worldwide launch of La Casa de las Flores was exclusively on the Netflix platform so it should be available in your country. Run home to watch it and tell us what you think!


Photo: Soy Homosensual