The Botanical Gardens: The perfect day trip!

Jumping in the ocean to paddle board or kayak are some of the many activities that visitors love to do, and of course, there’s an endless list of activities and unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta including the lesser-known day trips just outside of town to dive into the stunning flora and fauna of the region. If you’re looking to enjoy nature in a whole new way on your next vacation, the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens await your visit!

Located in an exotic zone of tropical forest, the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens are located a little past the town of Mismaloya, between mountains and rivers, set in a lush tropical environment. This destination is one of the favorites for Puerto Vallarta day trips where tourists can experience nature up-close and see the animals that live there.

At the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens, you’ll be surrounded by the fascinating flora and fauna of all the regions of Mexico. The gardens shelter hundreds of species of native Mexican plants. Admire the massive grounds as you stroll along the winding paths and take the necessary time to appreciate each one of the integral exhibits. Learn about everything from the notorious plant that is centered in the Mexican flag to the significance of the marigolds for the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

Orchid Enthusiasts Welcome!

Located in the large state of Jalisco, home to the greatest diversity of orchids in Mexico, the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens have the goal of gathering all of the orchids that are native to Mexico to be called the National Collection of Mexican Orchids in one place. 

This orchidarium is a great success. These specimens have become the most visited collection of orchids in Mexico – and they can all be found right within the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens. The cultivation and conservation of these orchids is not an easy task, but the climate in Vallarta is ideal for hundreds of orchids to breed and live here, including some orchids that are considered in danger of extinction.

A Restaurant with a View 

And that's not all! Enjoy savory Mexican dishes prepared in the on-site restaurant after touring the grounds and learning about the flora and fauna. Mexican dishes, Italian dishes and seafood-based plates are their specialty. The restaurant is perched high above the moutaintops giving you the most incredible view with a mountain breeze as you dine. 

The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens are an excellent option to experience nature close-up on your next vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Learn about the plants and history of Mexico and take home unforgettable memories. 

For more information, visit the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens website:, to find exciting upcoming events each month and learn more.