The biggest rainbow in the world celebrates diversity

The biggest rainbow in the world celebrates diversity

The well- known People’s Friendship Arch is dressed in color to honor the LGBTTTI community, now it will be named the Arch of Sexual Diversity.

Located in Kiev, Ukraine; it is the largest arch of the world created. It was built in 1982 to celebrate the unification between Ukraine and Russia. When it is 35 years old in 2017, its meaning will no longer be the same, and it is being given a touch up with rainbow paint so that it is ready on the date of the Eurovision contest in that same city, next May. Previously it was already illuminated with those colors at night, now since dawn the colorful motifs will be noticed.

This is a great step for the LGBTTTI community in Ukraine, its process in accepting homosexual rights has been slow because of the proximity to Russia where it’s almost a crime to “get out of the closet”.

Gennady Kurochka, public relations consultant for Eurovision said he was proud of the changes the country has had. He expressed his feelings: “Full of a new meaning, a new sense of belonging to a free town – free of thought, free of spirit.”

This idea of giving it a new meaning that apparently was the organizers of Gay Pride, has been well accepted so far among Ukrainian society. We hope it will be a small step forward for the acceptance of the whole community’s rights like any other individual in Ukraine, and that other countries can take their initiative of humanitarian development.

Photo: @sajiprelis - Instagram