The Best Mexican Arts & Crafts

Visiting new places always brings wonder and admiration at the beautiful architecture, historical locations the culinary delights and, of course, the arts and crafts that are made be the local artisans. The latter is almost always what you want to take home as a memento of your travels, whether it’s for you or for friends and family, the typical craftsmanship of the place you visit will always be well received. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best Mexican arts and crafts that you can purchase on your trip to Puerto Vallarta. If you like them, bring home one of these souvenirs for your loved ones as well!


Huichol Arts and Crafts

The Huichol artwork is one of the best known, colorful and beautiful crafts in Mexico. The ethnic, indigenous Huichol people make their art out of wood that is meticulously covered with stamens (tiny, colorful beads). Each piece of Huichol art represents a figure that represents their culture, values and beliefs. You can find Huichol artwork from full-scale wall pieces, to bracelets and earrings all the way to complex carvings covered with these tiny beads. Each art piece that the Huichol make is colorful and cultural.



Alebrijes always call attention to their color. Alebrijes are wooden figurines, most having animal characteristics, they can represent a single species, or sometimes composed of extremities of different characteristics. You can see a lion or a giraffe with wings all the way to a dragon-headed peacock. These Alabriies pieces are all original, 100% Mexican folk art origin.


Mexican Carved Wood

It’s common to walk through the streets of Puerto Vallarta and find vendors selling tiny wooden figures that are polished to shine. They are Mexican crafts that are shaped like sea animals. You can take home a sailfish, a dolphin or maybe a whale figurine as a souvenir that the craftsmen carved so that you have a beautiful memory of your vacation.


Oaxacan Brass Figures

Brass figurines are a Mexican handicraft from the state of Oaxaca that you can find in Puerto Vallarta. There are different models, but hearts are the most popular shape for these brass figures. These are also known as milagros, or "miracles" and it is common to give them to a person to tell them how much you love them. Bring back one of these brass hearts from Mexico to tell that special someone just how much you love him or her with a "miracle"!


Mexican Textiles

It’s easy to recognize a Mexican typical outfit, especially if it’s a charro. But in Puerto Vallarta you can find more than that. The variety of textiles and typical Mexican clothes are always vibrant with bright colors that give joy to the wearer; from embroidered blouses and trousers, to woven belts or key chains of this same material. Look for dolls known as "Marias", if you’re shopping for a wonderful gift for a child, this Mexican craft is the perfect choice.


One of the favorite places to find these unique pieces of Mexican art is the Rio Cuale Municipal Market in Puerto Vallarta. There are numerous establishments selling these typical and cultural works of art as well as many other products. Visit the Rio Cuale Municipal Market which is located right next to the Rio Cuale island, just a 15-minute walk from Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Front Experience.


Photo: Forbes Mexico