Puerto Vallarta will welcome 2024 with an epic celebration

Among the numerous options to ring in the new year, the legendary LGBTQ+ parties at Mantamar Beach Club and Almar Resort stand out.

Mantamar Beach Club, located on the famous Los Muertos Beach, will be the epicenter of the fun with 20 internationally acclaimed DJs ensuring an unparalleled musical experience. This iconic venue, recognized for its unique ambiance and contagious energy, is preparing to welcome thousands of visitors seeking a unique and memorable celebration.

Almar Resort, another reference in Puerto Vallarta's LGBTQ+ scene, also joins the festival as the 'Host Hotel,' hosting the production of 7 incredible themed parties that will offer unique experiences. From the sophistication of a gala to the extravagance of a pool party.

The celebration will span 7 days, from December 27th to January 2nd, transforming the city into a festive paradise. In addition to the music and fun, the event will culminate each night with impressive fireworks illuminating the sky of Puerto Vallarta, creating a visual spectacle that will be recorded in the books.

The combination of spectacular settings, cutting-edge technology, and the vibrant energy of the crowd ensures that the New Year's celebration in Puerto Vallarta will be unforgettable.

So, if you're looking for a unique and exciting way to welcome 2024, Puerto Vallarta is the destination to consider. With parties that go beyond the conventional, international DJs, fireworks, and a luxury production, this celebration promises to be the most epic to date. Get ready to bid farewell to the year in grand style on the beautiful Pacific coast of Mexico!