Puerto Vallarta is the LGBT queen!

You’ve probably found that certain cities have that certain, “Je ne sais quoi” and others… just don’t have it. Have you ever wondered: What makes a city attractive to the LGBT community? It’s not easy to belong to the select group of cities preferred by the gay community, but in Puerto Vallarta we’ve managed to be in the top destinations for the LGBT community and for that, we are very proud.

Like other cities in the world preferred by the LGBT community such as San Francisco, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan or New York, Puerto Vallarta is a city that is loved by both the Mexican LGBT community and foreign visitors as well who prefer it above all other destinations. What is it that makes this possible? There are, of course, many reasons and we’ll mention just a few, you will surely agree with us!

Have it all!

Puerto Vallarta has the crown of the LGBT community in Mexico. Not every destination has a sprawling beautiful and protected coastlines with breathtaking beaches like Puerto Vallarta. We love the sea – it’s what tourists yearn for on vacation. In addition to the ocean, you can relax while sunbathing to get a great while enjoying a delicious a drink. You can feel free to be on the most famous gay beach in Mexico: Los Muertos Beach. The LGBT community gathers on Los Muertos Beach to have fun and to meet friends, and the possibility to meet a future partner! Actually, it’s on Los Muertos Beach precisely where Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi is located.

You will have a great time!

There are so many reasons why you will have the time of your life - the weather in Puerto Vallarta boasts over 300 days of sunshine, its lovely culture, the endless outdoor activities, the city's nightlife and the overwhelming sense of safety and security are just some of the points that make this destination one of the preferred by the LGBT community.

Prepare for your next Gaycation!

Pack your sunglasses, swimsuit, suntan lotion and don’t forget the desire to have fun, into your suitcase and hop on a plane, a train or a bus to visit the best city in Mexico for the LGBT community. Stay with us at Almar Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience and we’ll help you to make your next gaycation an unforgettable experience! 

Photo: Mexico Unknown