Puerto Vallarta - A Safe Destination

Wherever you go, there’s a theme that’s always present, and even more so when your goal is to escape from the routine to have an unforgettable vacation: “How safe is it?” Wherever you are, we know it's something that worries you, but in Puerto Vallarta, you can rest assured that safety is not something you’ll need to worry about.

The gay community always feels welcomed and at-home in Puerto Vallarta – sometimes even more so than when actually at home! Puerto Vallarta is a city that is so friendly to its visitors, that it invites people to return again and again. This friendly and welcoming ambiance is what makes Vallarta one of the safest destinations in Mexico for the gay community.

In Puerto Vallarta, any location you choose is a safe place to have a good time and even more if it’s in the Romantic Zone, better known as the Gay Zone. Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beachfront Experience is located right in the heart of the Romantic Zone. It’s one of the best-known areas in Vallarta for being relaxed and discrimination-free. Whatever your sexual preference or gender, in Puerto Vallarta the gay community is more than happy to welcome you. 

Whenever a member of the gay community in Mexico has the opportunity to enjoy a few days of rest and vacation, Puerto Vallarta is always the best choice to re-energize and why not enjoy a few days of fun in the sun? PV is one of the choice cities preferred by the gay community to attend events, concerts and parties on the beach that are designed and designed specifically for you to have more than a good time.

If you’re planning your next vacation, the best destination for the gay community in Mexico is without a doubt: Puerto Vallarta. You’ll always have a better time than you expect and take home memories for a lifetime. 

Photo: intomore.com