Loev has come to Netflix!

Loev has come to Netflix!

After being suspended for screening and distribution in its home country (India), the fild Loev comes to Netflix so that we can all enjoy it in Mexico.

Almost two years after the film was produced by director Sudhanshu Saria, it has been shown in several countries except its own, as it shows the repression of the government of India against the LGBTTTI community. Being homosexual in the country is considered a crime and can trigger a criminal process that would lead those involved to spend years in jail or even get the maximum penalty: execution.

Recently, Netflix was granted distribution rights and the work that has been successfully exposed and awarded at festivals such as the Guadalajara International Film Festival, where it won the Maguey Award, in now available on its platform; selected at the Jeonju Film Festival, at the San Francisco International Framing LGBTQ Film Festival, where it was nominated for Best Film; al TLVFest – The Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival and the SXSW Film Festival, to mention a few.

The plot reflects the story of a couple of Friends that take a road trip which takes them to see wonderful places and makes them wonder about their emotions. It will make them wonder what love is and what it means to them. They will both know what exactly separates them and keeps them together in this adventure.

Netflix has been proud to include in its catalogue these stories that keep them as an ally of the LGBTTTI community. And its users have said they are happy about the inclusion of the theme that may lead to more followers.

We have nothing more to say except to look for it, enjoy the weekend and tell us your opinions about this story that many people are talking about.

Photo: loevfilm.com