LGBTTTIQ: The real meaning

August 11, 2017

Everytime and everywhere we bump into some words without knowing their real meaning, but we are used to live with them, pronouncing them and getting familiar, but we don’t have the exact information to be able to define them. This is exactly what happens in our community, or do you know the meaning of LGBT? Or better yet, can you tell what LGBTTTIQ means? Don’t worry, here we have unscrambled them so you can understand them better.

L as in Lesbian

It is the first letter of this acronym and is the one that identifies lesbians. These are women who are physically, sexually and emotionally attracted to other women. There are girls in this group who rather call themselves as gay women, as the word gay is commonly used in the US to refer to boys and girls attracted towards their same sex.

G as homosexual?

No, actually it is G as in gay. And yes, it refers to homosexual men and it means the same thing. When the word homosexual became an insult, these boys found a way to use a word that defined them in a more joyful way. Gays are men attracted, like lesbians, in a physical, sexual and emotional way towards other boys.


This group includes every men and women with a sexual and affective orientation towards people of both sexes. Yes, although it can be hard for some to believe, bisexuality is real and it exists. Some people think this is just a phase in which the human being is confused about its sexuality but it’s not, it is actually a sexual orientation.


It it the first T of three in the LGBTTTIQ acronym. Here there are men and women who are transvestite, this means they dress themselves and adopt behavior of the opposite sex. It is common to see them in bars and tranvestite clubs performing. But a transvestite is not exclusive of scenarios. And hey, not all transvestites are gay, and yet not all gays are transvestite.


If you are born with a penis then you’re a man and if you are born with a vagina then you’re a woman. That is what society says, but sometimes genitals do not match the person's behavior or gender identity, so they are called transgender people. And precisely for this condition is assigned the second T of the LGBTTTIQ movement acronym.


When a person has undergone surgery to modify it genitals we are talking about a trans boy or girl. They lead as well a hormone treatment in order to have the body they wish for, through estrogens and testosterone. All of them are included on the sixth acronym.


Even though it’s less believable for some, there are some people who feature both female and male organs when they are born. No, they’re not both man and woman at the same time. It’s usually an external condition. There is an intersexual movement which fights for the human being to be the one who decides with which organ it decides to live with.


Living without labels is precisely what the people included on the last acronym are looking for. Queer people are trying to step aside from definitions of man, woman, heterosexual, homosexual or any other label. Rather, it is an ideological position not to assume the roles imposed by an orthodox society and with gender stereotypes. This term comes from English and it means weird.

The next time you hear about these acronyms or bump into them in some text you will be able to understand it without a problem, as you know their meaning now. And better yet, you also know which of those eight letters is the one that best identifies you.

Photo: Pictoline