There was a time when the fashion Pin-Up girls were the sensation for men and women. Sensual bodies with provocative clothes and postures filled the magazines and advertisements of any brand no matter what the product was they tried to sell us. While it was not an art to exhibit in a museum, it was a well done job by exceptional artists.

But the time has come and boys won’t be left behind. So Paul Richmond has a project that you will love, its name: Cheesecake Boys.

It is a series of 22 page books with black and white drawings of cute boys that you can color as you wish. The scenes go from the photographer with the “spontaneous” rip in the pants, “surprised” guys while they are trying out clothes at a store, to beach scenes that show a lot of skin and sensuality.

This work for adults was born out of the need that the author noticed in the small creation of homoerotic art. It was not only a matter of having girls in the concept of half-nakedness, his male counterpart had to have his artistic space of scarce clothes.

With these books now art is in your power. Let your imagination fly and create your own strokes of color. You may be distracted a bit in the attempt, but at the end of the day you for sure will like the result.

Take your crayons, colored pencils or markers and start coloring; these guys need the magic of your hands.

Photo: Paul Richmond