Gay couples you should follow on Instagram

Some things can’t be denied and love is one of them. Fortunate are the people who have already found their other half, and the ones who not, are fortunate to see others happiness in social media –that way we can know that love really exists.

Social media is full of photos of gay couples who demonstrate their love, but few of them draw our attention within the LGBT community. This is why today we want to recommend you some Instagram profiles to follow, and to remember that the dream of having that couple with whom to share unforgettable moments can come true at any time.


This profile belongs to a filmmaker who has almost 100 thousand followers. He always shares his day to day and occasionally lets us see pictures with his partner. But the most moving thing we can see is when he shares images with their little son. Follow him, each of his adventures as a family is full of tenderness.


Justin and Nick are a gay couple from Washington DC. Both are handsome, and very sexy! Their gallery is made up of photographs taken as a couple, or sharing moments with their pets that they seem to love deeply. Their trips and favorite corners of their home are the perfect scenarios for stealing us more than one sigh -and even more so when their posts include them wearing just a few clothes and in bed!


Brait' Hernández and Ric. E Silva are a Venezuelan and a Chilean who make an excellent couple. Sports lovers, always share photographs in which they show their love, and their amazingly toned figures! You will fall in love with the art and composition that they include in their shots –we’re sure that you will want to imitate them.

We know that the answer to this question is not easy, but which one of this couples is your favorite? Follow them on Instagram and convince yourself that love exists, and that one day you will find your other half and that you’ll also be able to share with the world all your adventures together.

Photo Instagram: @devoratus @justinickpgh