Feel Safe in Puerto Vallarta

We know when you’re deciding which a destination to visit for the first time, the question you’re always thinking is: 

Is it secure? Will I be Safe?

Will I be able to walk down the street without the fear of suffering some kind of violence and be able to bring back good memories of my gaycation. 

In Puerto Vallarta, you don’t have to worry.

Puerto Vallarta is the beach destination most visited and favored by the LGBT community. And even more so as recently, as the city government and police force decided to implement an LGBTQ+ Awareness and Sensitivity Training for the local police and public safety officers. These are the officials who are patrolling the main roads in Puerto Vallarta, and now they’ll fully understand how to best support all the citizens and tourists of Puerto Vallarta, including the LGBT community. 

This training and sensitivity to the needs of the LGBT community is just one more reason to LOVE and to feel safe in Puerto Vallarta!

This initiative came from the LGBTTTI Vallarta collective that knows the needs of the city, of the individuals that live here and of the national and foreign tourism that make Puerto Vallarta their second home. 

The idea of this LGBTQ+ Sensitivity Training in Puerto Vallarta was received favorable after LGBTTTI Vallarta collective presented their recommendations to the City Council during the 2018 State Commission on Human Rights.

The Citizen Security staff will begin these sensitivity courses in the following weeks and will begin with those in command and then continue throughout all of the members of the Municipal Police Academy and administrative staff with the purpose that the LGBT community living in and visiting Puerto Vallarta will receive the best treatment and tourist advice.

So, on your next gaycation to Puerto Vallarta, rest assured that you’ll notice the changes. You’ve most likely always had fond memories of Puerto Vallarta, but this time you may have the confidence that everything can go even better. 

Pack your swimsuit and sunglasses -- your next adventure awaits you in the best beach destination for the LGBT community in Mexico!

Photo: Click Onero