Celebrate the Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta


One of the most representative celebrations of Mexican culture and tradition in the world is approaching! An annual celebration to commemorate the memory of those who are no longer close to us, but whose soul and actions are still in our hearts, it´s about celebrating the lives of those who are no longer here. This is the main goal of our Day of the Dead festivities.

The Day of the Dead takes place each year on November 1 and 2 throughout Mexico, a festival that UNESCO declared in 2008 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and that you can celebrate with us.


Best Places to Go for the Day of the Dead

For some years now, the Festival of the Day of the Dead has been held in Puerto Vallarta, in which different associations, schools and the general population, supported by the Municipal Government, participate in activities alluding to the celebration of life and of death. From a kermes with mariachi, parades, folk dances with a Day of the Dead theme or the monumental Catrinas along the El Malecon boardwalk, it's just a little of how much you can discover in Puerto Vallarta.

Enjoy the Day of the Dead celebration from almost any corner in PV. In stores, art galleries, temples, cemeteries and also in many homes, families remember their loved ones by building altars to honor their memory. Some of these homes invite visitors to appreciate their offering table. But there is also a special place, where dozens of altars are mounted so that national and foreign tourists can enjoy as well in the Municipal Presidency, located in front of the plaza, next to the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe. There´ll be altars and offerings mounted up and down the streets and from wall to wall on the park in front. You can see different types of altars for different people and families.

If what you want is to experience up close this exciting and unique celebration, journey to the cemetery on December 5 is another of the perfect options. There you’ll see tombs adorned with fresh flowers, candles, offerings and complete families visiting the rest of their loved ones.

So, if you are planning a vacation to Puerto Vallarta this November, you can’t miss being a part of our cultural Mexican traditions and discovering a little more about the Mexican culture that represents us in the world.