Celebrate Mexican Independence Day at Almar

September is quickly approaching and we’re all looking forward to it since it’s the most Mexican month of all! 

In September each year, we celebrate Independence Day and the whole country will be painted in green, white and red to honor this vibrant national holiday! 

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Puerto Vallarta with a variety of exciting activities and experience it all with us at Almar Luxury Resort LGBT Beach Front Experience!


What’s there to do in Puerto Vallarta for Independence Day? 

In Vallarta, the Independence Day party doesn’t even fit in one day! It continues for two days, beginning the evening of September 15. People gather in the streets or in our restaurants and bars to watch the reenactment of the start of the Independence movement in 1810. 

At exactly 11:00 pm, when the anticipated moment arrives, all of the broadcast stations go live with the Grito (the battle cry) of Independence Day led by the Mexican President from the balcony of the National Palace. This moment is the same the moment when the priest Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla began the Independence Movement so many years ago. 

This is the moment when the whole country shouts at the same time the famous: Viva Mexico!!!! Then continues by singing the Mexican National Anthem together with fireworks and the whole enchilada! 

At The Top Sky Bar of Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience, we celebrate even more than the rest!! We’re already taking our party prep to the highest level as this festivity deserves! We’ll have a true Mexican Night with a gourmet menu, delicious cocktails and the best view of the city. From our rooftop view, you can admire the fireworks from all over the Bay of Banderas.

We recommend that you get your green, white and red outfit ready so that you can fully experience excitement of our Mexican Night and be part of one of the biggest and best parties in Puerto Vallarta at the trendiest location in town: The Top Sky Bar of Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience. 

We know you’ll love it, and you’ll feel the Mexican pride pulsing through your veins like a true Vallartense!