Calendars for a happy and hot 2018

Every year, different companies and brands seek to launch their annual calendar; some go for altruism, others for giving each month motivational messages to achieve goals, and with others you can have a great time admiring their printed photo sessions. The latter is the one that most excites us, so this time we have some recommendations that will make your 2018 sexier, more erotic or just fun; that will depend on which one you choose.

Warwick Rowers

Since 2009, Warwick Rowers has published its annual calendar. It was born with the intention of fighting against homophobia and prejudice. Eliminating discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation in the sports field is its main purpose. Its production is so good that it has gained international recognition.

Greeks come true

This calendar is quite explicit but without falling into bad taste. The Greeks Come True shows the sexy side of each of its models (by the way, all of them Greek). Vangelis Kyris’ work in photography has a result that will make you drool instantly when seeing the 14 guys in which some professional athletes are included. You will feel a bit voyeuristic to see these naked bodies.

Calendar Merb’ys

This is the funniest of our recommendations. Imagine a group of "bears" dressed with mermaid tail in sceneries that can go from the beach to the bar or the barber shop in uncommon positions. The Spirit Horse Foundation and the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard and Mustache Club do know how to do it because the result is collectors-quality. In addition, what we loved most about this calendar is that it is made with the intention of supporting people who need equine therapy, but don’t have money to pay for their treatment.

Rainbow Railroad

This definitively is an erotic calendar! With black and white photographs, the work of photographer Balthier Corfi and stylist Todd Hanshaw for the Rainbow Railroad Foundation was born in mid-2017, and this is its first edition. Sales are destined to support LGBT children who are harassed, persecuted or violated in Chechnya, and who seek a refuge where prejudices don’t exist.