Benefits of traveling to the beach

Sometimes, the habits and routines in our daily lives gradually start deteriorating our health and quality of life. Managing work and personal stress can be difficult after all so it’s important to take a break every now and again.

So get ready to plan your next getaway to one of the most LGBT friendly countries, and let us tell you about some of the benefits your body and spirit will encounter when you visit the golden sand beaches of Puerto Vallarta

Improve your health

Spending a few days at sea level is simply one of the best ways to improve your overall health, but in particular - your respiratory health! The fresh sea breeze helps purify your respiratory tract thanks to its antibacterial properties which in turn aids in sleep quality. After just one day your respiratory system will be strengthened and your energy replenished.

Goodbye stress!

Is there anything more relaxing than watching the sunset and listening to the sway of the sea waves? The beaches of Puerto Vallarta are ideal to say “adios!” to stress while admiring the vibrant colors of the sunset as it dips into the Bay of Banderas. Incredible! Imagine admiring them from Los Muertos beach, where Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi is located, the best gay beach club in Vallarta.

Forget your worries

Not every day in Puerto Vallarta can be spent on the beach of course. So when you feel like you’re ready for a break from the sun and the sand, we have the perfect activity to help you forget all of your worries. Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi offers a private massage service! You won’t want to be late for your appointment of rejuvenation and relaxation. Ask one of our certified massage therapists about the available options and choose the service which best suits your body’s needs. Then relish in the feeling of your muscles relaxing and your stress melting away.

The sun, the sand and the sea are your allies

A swim in the ocean can never hurt! The high concentration of salt holds antibacterial properties which get absorbed directly into your skin helping to prevent skin diseases. Additionally, the sand acts as an exfoliant for your body from head to toe. And the sun? In moderation, sun exposure nourishes your skin with vitamin D. In addition to strengthening your defenses it will also improve your overall mood! Just be careful to not overexpose yourself and always use sunscreen to avoid burns.

Ready for your next vacation?

Now that you’re aware of the multiple benefits that the beach can offer for your health, what are you waiting for?! Come and enjoy the best gay beach in Puerto Vallarta at Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience and let luxury, comfort and service make your holidays days unforgettable. The fun awaits at Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi one of Mexico’s most famous gay beaches: Los Muertos beach.

Photo: adeprotur