Ángela Ponce: Miss Universe’s First Trans Woman

For years now, the LGBT community has struggled to gain a foothold in the midst of a society that has not been inclusive. For no known reason, it’s been difficult for society to understand that all people have the right to participate in each and every single area, occupation and sport in this life - this makes our community who we are as human beings, whether this space be political or cultural. 

In 2018, the LGBT community is celebrating as we take one more step toward equality. This year, we’ll have our first transgender person to participate in one of the most important beauty contests in the world: The Miss Universe Pageant.

For the last few months, Ángela Ponce has been causing a stir in social networks and media since she was the first transgender person to participate in the Miss Spain contest, which she managed to win and this is what gave her the direct pass to the Miss Universe contest for 2018 – and we cannot wait to watch and give her all of our support!

Through her social networks, Ángela Ponce thanked everyone for their continued and constant support and for the opportunities that her life has given her. "Life is full of challenges and of understanding. That understanding in my life has made today a dream come true. I’ve always wanted this, the only thing I needed was to turn every obstacle that appeared in front of me as an opportunity for growth.”

The challenge that now comes with the Miss Universe pageant will be the greatest of all, it’s a globally recognized contest and the views of conservative society will be present. Therefore, the LGBT community must unite more than ever and support one of its members who is demonstrating that the struggle is worth it and dreams do come true. Ángela Ponce has her work cut out for her, and it will not be easy, but we must unite and cheer her on in her great role in the Miss Universe Pageant of 2018.


Photo: Be Miss