Achieving your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

Let us give you a bit of advice on the best ways to ensure that you follow through with your resolutions for the up and coming year.    


Set Goals!

Visualizing where you’d like to be a few months, weeks or even days from now is essential for achieving any goal. By establishing logical, short term goals that are easily reachable you create a sense of accomplishment which helps prevent you from becoming frustrated trying to reach the long term result. Whether your resolutions includes losing some weight or saving some extra money -  start by setting smaller, more achievable goals such as changing your eating habits or reducing your daily expenses. Sometimes these short term ideas even go hand in hand! Put aside the money you would’ve spent on your morning coffee and pastry - 5 dollars a day adds up quick! Plus, not eating that donut will aid in your weight loss resolution! Short term goals are proven to have a positive, long lasting effect that will help you to reach your end goal. We promise that the small efforts you make on a daily basis will pay off by the end of the year!


Don’t Limit your Resolutions to Yourself

Helping others is something that should definitely be included in your New Year’s Resolutions.

Not only do acts of selflessness make you feel good - but they’re easy to do. If you live with your family, they’re sure to appreciate some help with daily tasks - your Mom will love it if you cook her dinner once in a while! You could also extend the favor out to your neighbors - maybe their yard could use some attention. Volunteering at a local organization is also a great way of giving back. You’d be surprised by how many people you can effect with such small efforts. Helping others creates a great sense of self worth which makes you feel good. 


Listen to your Body

Our mind and body are our greatest assets and they send out signals when something is wrong. Sometimes we ignore these signs and we allow them to reach a point where we can no longer control them. Another great resolution is to be more perceptive of your body, mind and its needs. Get into the habit of performing a daily check and if you encounter even a minor abnormality do something about it! Remember that our body and mind are our most useful tool towards leading a healthier life and also in achieving our New Year’s resolutions.


Photo: Ceremonia