4 Gay Gifts for the Holidays

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and we love it all. It’s that time of year to enjoy friends and family and remember everything that has happened throughout 2018 - all the moments that brought us so much cheer and that helped us grow as humans. It’s precisely those days that are for sharing and you’re probably already beginning to think about what you can give as a gift to your friends in the LGBT community to thank them for always being by your side. Don’t know what to give? Don’t worry! We have the best gay gift guide in PV listed here!  

A Seasonal Outfit

Winter accessories at Christmas are always welcome. A hat, sweater or scarf will get you out of trouble and it will be a gay gift that you’re sure your friend will wear and think of you throughout the season. Just try to choose these accessories according to your friend’s personality type and you’ll get an A+ for your thoughtful gift-giving!

Who doesn’t want to smell great?

One of the biggest concerns in the LGBT community is to be well dressed and presentable, this includes the smelling incredible. You never know when a cutie is going to be around and you need your pheromones at 100%. Help your besties be prepared for love by gifting him a lotion or a manly cologne. They say that love enters through the eyes, but we believe also through the nose!

Give the gift of fun!

We all like to play as children, but as we grow up, our taste in toys changes a bit, doesn’t it? Give your friend a gay gift that helps him fantasize and live his sexuality without complications. You know what we mean. A sex shop can be your greatest ally when choosing that Christmas gift for him. You know him best and also what he likes. Choose the best colors and sizes!

A Gay App Without Limits

Whether you have a partner or not, apps for meeting people are always in our cell phones. There are many and for all tastes and desires. Choose the one that best suits what is sought, most are free but with limitations, so, if you want your friend to have a very Merry Christmas - gift him a membership to his favorite dating app - unlimited. 

This is one of the best gay gifts for Christmas, guaranteed: he’ll love it. 

Enjoy your holidays this year! We look forward to welcoming you back to Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience soon. 


Foto: Red Bubble